Stop Trying to Make “Judeo-Christian” Happen

The entire logic of Christian antisemitism manifests in the term “Judeo-Christian.” This term claims a single history and tradition for both groups—one of which by the way has murdered millions of the other and justified those murders by projecting their oppressiveness onto them—and in so doing erases the last twenty centuries of Jewish history such that it deviates from Christianity, and makes the centuries before that significant only as a prelude to the birth of Christ.

Conspiracy Theorists Can’t Handle the Truth

Conspiracy theorists like to imagine they’re seeing below the veil, willing to face down truths that others are unwilling to acknowledge. But what they’re actually doing, usually, is taking a complex and troubling social problem that is both extremely difficult or impossible to solve and in which they, as part of the social structure, are also in some way complicit; and then subscribing to a narrative that externalizes that problem and also makes it solvable.